Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 17

Aug. 23, 2014

We found several mermaids today:

 Maid of Brass near River Rd.
 up close of Maid of Brass
Shellina on Newport Crescent
 Shellina Newport Crescent mermaid
 Yuma Yah on abandoned Hunton YMCA building 1139 E. Charlotte St.
 Soul Session on Miller Oil building 1000 E. City Hall Ave.
 up close of Soul Session - she is in bad shape with paint peeling
 unknown mermaid (maybe Scales of Justice?) near side of Norfolk World Trade Center 101 W. Main St.
 mini mermaid on balcony of 1 Colley Ave.
 up close of mini mermaid
 Maid on Time at Larchmont Library
 Maid on Time
 Reflections of the Soul in backyard of house on N. Fairwater Dr. only visible from Hampton Blvd. bridge
up close of Reflections of the Soul

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