Saturday, September 20, 2014

Day 19

Sept. 20, 2014

We found 2 more mermaids!  My mom stumbled on one at Rudee Inlet - not sure her name - and a very kind lady saw our article in the paper and let us come see her mermaid (one I thought was missing).  The no longer missing mermaid is the beautiful Spectrum Gold!  I have also learned that I have 2 mermaids to get in Norfolk City Hall - Carousel and a Neighborhood mermaid - and a mermaid inside a downtown BB&T (not sure which one).  Unfortunately, I will probably have to wait until Christmas break to see those due to my work schedule.  I still also have the possible 3 on the Eastern Shore, the 1 on Naval Station Norfolk, Techno Mermaid in InfiNet, and the 2 that are under repair - O'Sullivan's and D'Art.

*update - found Techno Mermaid - see day 26 post

Still "missing" (or that I haven't found) are: 

Angel of Mercy
Aquatic Princess
Beauty Underneath
Beauty of the Sea
Broadway Nights
By the Sea
By the Stars
Catch of the Day
Collection of Stars
Elizabeth formerly Her Favorite Port
Evening Sea Goddess
Fairway Maiden
Fresh From the Sea - update - found her 3/21/15 - see day 23
Golden Tourist
Hats Off to the Navy
Jewel of the Sea
Lady Anne
Lady of the Links
Leading the Way
Low Tide - update - found her 3/28/15 - see day 24
Maid in Voyage
Maid of Lobster
Maid to Cruise
Mer Bones
Mer Max II
Mirror Mosaic I and II
Mishell - update - found her 3/21/15 - see day 23
Mythical Sirena
A New Horizon
the Norfolk Admiralette
Norfolk Gateway to the Sea
Norfolk Sea Goddess and Her Children
Of the Sea
Picture Frame Mermaid
Postcards From Hampton Roads
Press Party/Media Mermaid
Reaching for the Stars
Reaching for a Dream
River View
Sea Shimmer
See Maiden
She’s Every Ocean
Spectrum (there are 2 Spectrum and Spectrum Gold - I did "catch" Spectrum Gold),
Spoken Word
String of Pearls
Sue Nami
Susie the Pink Ribbon Mermaid - update - she is a traveling one -
we met her 7/9/15 - see day 30 - See Susie's travels
Timeless Elegance
Toga (I have found one labeled "Toga" but she is really Flying Spirit with a Toga sign)
USS Wisconsin
Verdi Gris

Reported as "deceased": Sports Under the Sea, Jestacular, Holiday Sands Maiden

Reported as broken: Brass Maiden, Wavey Mermaid

If you know the whereabouts of any of these "missing mermaids. please let us know!  We would love to "catch" them!  Here are the ones we "caught" today:
 Spectrum Gold on Bay Island
Unknown mermaid at Rudee Inlet - can't see her front unless you are in the water as she is right on water's edge


Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 18

Aug 30, 2014

We have come to the end of summer and a wrap of all of the known mermaids I could find.  All in all, we found 87 official mermaids and 10 unofficial mermaids.  There are still 8 I have been unable to get - O'Sullivan's because she is under repair, D'Art because she is also under repair, InfiNet's mermaid because she is under lock and key and I have been unable to reach them to find out how I can see her, Norfolk City Hall lobby because I have been unable to go at a time when they are open, 1 on Naval Station Norfolk that I am unable to see because I cannot get on base, and a reported 3 in Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore - I have yet to make it up there.  I have also put in a call to 2 businesses, however they won't return my call - Sherry with Rose & Womble for the Rotunda, and the owner of Lifestyle Motor Group.  Hopefully I will hear from them soon.  I will post again when and if I find them or if I find new ones.  Here are some unofficial mini mermaids we did find:

 mini mermaid 258 W Ocean View Ave.
 up close of mini mermaid 258 W Ocean View Ave.
 mini mermaid 632 W Ocean View Ave.
 up close of mini mermaid 632 W Ocean View Ave.
mermaid replica on wood 760 W Ocean View Ave.
 up close of wood mermaid 760 W Ocean View Ave.
 mermaid sign 748-746 W Ocean View Ave.
mini mermaid 9703 15th View St.