Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 11

Jul 22, 2014

Today we found Go Diva, a chocolate mermaid wrapped in a silver wrapper, at MacArthur Mall.
 Go Diva

Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 10

July 17, 2014

Today we found just 1 mermaid, the one at JANAF Shopping Center:
JANAF Shopping Center mermaid

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 9

July 16, 2014

Today we tried to find the 2 mermaids in Portsmouth, but could not.  Next, we found another downtown mermaid and then turned our attention to Ghent.  We found 3 in Ghent, but also could not find several from past bloggers.  We also learned that the Brass Maiden mermaid at Levin's is broken in half due to vandals and is not on display.  Here are the ones we did find:

 Miss Literacy - in front of VA Pilot 150 W Brambleton Ave.
 Miss Literacy
 Mermaid Winery Mermaid - 330 W 22nd St.
 Palace Princess Beatrice - 301 W 21st St.
Toola the Grand Rental Station Mermaid - 3419 Colley Ave.
The Williams School Mermaid - 419 Colonial Ave.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 8

July 14, 2014

Today we caught just 3 mermaids while out and about town:
 not sure her name - breast cancer awareness mermaid in front of 880 Kempsville Rd.
 "Leigh" - golden mermaid in front of Sentara Leigh Hospital 830 Kempsville Rd.
Eleanor's Faith - in courtyard of Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital 1309 Kempsville Rd.
Eleanor's Faith

Day 7

July 13, 2014
Today we searched for more downtown mermaids.  We found several but also learned that several are either badly damaged, disassembled, or just plain missing.  The 2 mermaids at Waterside, "Low Tide" and "USS Wisconsin," are missing - their signs are there but they are not.  The mermaid inside the Norfolk World Trade Center is currently disassembled and not on display.  The mermaid at 355 W. Freemason at Shriver & Holland is gone - so is Shriver & Holland.  We did see:
 Charity at Blocker YMCA 312 Bute St. - in lobby
 Lola - found in median/park near 255 College Crossing
 Mei Madeline - found along water next to Pagoda
 upclose of Mei Madeline - really cool Chinese? characters on her
 Mei Madeline
 Full Circle - this poor mermaid is badly in need of a makeover.  She is buried in shrubs, missing a hand, and her face is gone.  Sad :( Found at the BBT 500 E Main St.)
 up close of Full Circle
 and unusual vertical mermaid - Ship Ahoy - found at 236 E. Plume St.
 Jewel of Norfolk - found on top of the Decker bldg. 109 E Main St.)
 Jewel of Norfolk up close
 a Norfolk mermaid poster inside Waterside
 a missing mermaid - only her sign remains - outside of Waterside, next to Joe's Crab Shack along the water - update - found her 3/28/15 - see day 24 - she has been moved
 another missing mermaid - only her sign remains, inside Waterside in the food court area
 Mystique - found in the downtown Sheraton, 777 Waterside Dr.
 Dominique - found in lobby of Dominion Tower, 999 Waterside Dr.
 Mermaid of Justice - this mermaid was inside lobby of the Norfolk Circuit Ct., 100 St. Paul St.  She was hard to see/photograph since the court was closed and the glass reflected the light
 up close of Mermaid of Justice
 Plated Mermaid - TCC Norfolk campus, 300 Granby St.
 Mermaid de Leche - another hard to see mermaid - in window of A Latte Cafe, 321 Granby St.  They have her in the window and behind lots of fliers.  The store was closed when we stopped by and this is about all I could get.
 up close of Mermaid de Leche
 Music Mosaic - on top of the NorVa, 317 Monticello Ave. 
up close of Music Mosaic

Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 6

July 9, 2014
We found 13 mermaids today!  We also sadly discovered that the mermaid at O'Sullivan's Warf was stolen then found but damaged by college kids.  It is currently getting repaired.  The mermaid in Colonial place is missing (we could not find her).  The mermaid at the Best Western in Ocean View is deceased - she was hit by a car and never replaced.  Here are the ones we did find:
 Miss Virginia Vine - on roof of Hope House Thrift Store 
 Miss Virginia Vine
 Miss NATO - in front of Willard Model Elementary School
 La Sirene de la Mission on corner by DePaul Hospital - she has sacrificed herself twice to save humans.  This is the 3rd version (1st 2 were destroyed by cars).  Now she sits safely away from the dangerous median, behind trees on the corner.
 Siren - 7400 Granby St.
 Shamrock - now in front of Harris Teeter at corner of Granby and Little Creek (used to be on now demolished Perry Building)
 Star inside lobby area of Northside Middle School
 Sirena at Play in Wiloughby - right side of Pretlow Library - really cool mermaid showing the old Ocean View rollercoaster
 Marina - left side of Pretlow Library - so pretty!  My boys' favorite so far!
 Nautical Mermaid in front of the Ocean View Pier
 Gliding Through the Bay in front of Norfolk Visitor Center off of 4th View
 A Rising Community next to Judy Boon Realty - she is in bad shape with lots of lost or peeling paint :(
 Accidental Tourist in front of 1838 Ocean View Ave. apartments
 Accidental Tourist
Donna Marie at the Marina on Shore Dr. closest to Little Creek Rd.