Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 13

Aug. 14, 2014

Today we found 9 mermaids:

Hope - inside Lake Taylor Hospital's cafeteria.  She proved to be very hard to catch.  This was our 3rd visit and we finally caught her.  I guess 3rd time really is the charm!  The cafeteria is only open M-F until 1:30.  Took 3 tries to figure this out - 1 visit on a weekday after 1:30, 1 visit on a Sunday, and finally today - SCORE!
Hope's dedication frame
Hope's dedication frame up close 1
 Hope's dedication frame up close 2
  Sukey's Mermaid in atrium of Norfolk Academy Lower School
 Lake Taylor High School's mermaid - not an official Norfolk mermaid as she is smaller scale, but still cool!  She was donated to the school by one of the artists who does the official Norfolk mermaids.
 Lake Taylor High School's mermaid up close
 Memory - One of Maury High School's mermaids - this one has former students' pictures on it but seems to be pictures from long ago (70s maybe).  Both are in the cafeteria.  The tail scales have quotes and inspirational messages written on them.
 Vision - The 2nd Maury High School mermaid - again with student pictures, though these seem to be more recent.  Again, the tail scales have messages on them.
 Lea Pard at Larchmont Elementary School - their mascot is the leopard
 Thumbelina inside W H Taylor Elementary's media center.  her tail is all student thumbprints.  She does have some damage to her tail area with an area of missing paint.
 A monarch butterfly mermaid in garden of W H Taylor Elementary.  This is by far my favorite mermaid!
 Monarch butterfly mermaid again.
 Flying Spirit found in median near 120 W. Berkley Ave.
 Flying Spirit has Toga's sign - this is not the Toga mermaid I have seen pictured on other sites.  This DOES look like the missing Flying Spirit.  Nevertheless, here is the sign for Toga which was in bad shape.

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  1. Hi Michelle. My name is Tea (Taya). I too am a mermaid hunter. Mermaid sighting I wanted to share! I found the original Sukey's Mermaid at Norfolk Academy Lower School. It is hidden in the maintenance building in a loft surrounded by boxes. Here's my photo of her. Note: it's in a second floor loft up a 20 step metal ladder. Kinda fun to work hard to see her :) I wanted to share.