Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 27

April 18, 2015

A new mermaid today!  Today we found Sandy Tide, the newest Georgia Mason mermaid.  She is located in front of Harbor Park.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 26

April 7, 2015

Today we finally found Techno Mermaid!  She has moved from InfiNet in Norfolk to DeVry in Chesapeake.

 Techno Mermaid - 1317 Executive Ave. Chesapeake - 3rd Floor
up close of Techno Mermaid

Day 25

April 5, 2015

Found 2 official mermaids today and 1 unofficial.  Of the 2 official ones, 1 is a new look on an old mermaid - Princess Azalea has a new look!  I can also say that I am unable to find the mermaid Flight.  The Norfolk Website has her located at 355 W Freemason.  If you Google this address and do a street view, you can see her - but when you actually go there she is no longer there.  I guess this is an old satellite image - the company that was there is now gone and probably took her with them.  Here is what we did find:

 unofficial Nauticus "Place Your Sticker Here" mini mermaid
 the new look of Princess Azalea at Nauticus
 the new look of Princess Azalea up close
 here is her old look for reference (this was taken in June 2014)
 Vannika Wyck at the Van Wyck Norfolk Public Library
up close of Vannika Wyck