Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 5

July 7, 2014

Today we tried to get some of the Virginia Beach mermaids.  We found:
 Rainbow - in lobby of 4455 South Blvd.
 (not in MacArthur anymore - in 4455 South Blvd.)
 Horizons - inside lobby of Kingston Elementary - students' and staff thumbprints are the scales, principal's hand print is on tail
 Healing Hands - 1788 Republic Rd - has mirror hands on it
 Ocarina - in backyard of 2972 Adam Keeling Rd - can be seen from One Fish Two Fish
 Ocarina up close (with zoom lens)
Garden Tempest - backyard of 2252 Hatton St. - can be seen from 1st Landing running trail

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